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Volkswagen Economy Brake Discs- save up to 22% on Genuine Brake Discs!

Economy Brake discs are designed for all Volkswagen passenger Cars, Volkswagen  Commercials, Skoda & SEAT vehicles which are 5  years and older.

Technical differences Genuine Brake Discs V’s Economy Brake Discs:

  • Cost savings are achieved through modifying the production processes and surface coatings of the Genuine Brake Disc to suit the requirements of older vehicles

Economy Brake Discs Benefits:

  • In terms of functional performance and safety, no compromises are made in the design and production of Volkswagen Economy brake discs. They are subjected to comprehensive Vehicle testing and meet all Volkswagen AG safety standards. Volkswagen applies quality standards on all Economy Brake Pads that go beyond DIN, ISO and legislative standards (ECE-R 90)
  • Economy Brake Discs are subject to exhaustive test rig assessment and meet the high quality standards of Volkswagen Group
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy with narrow tolerances
  • Outstanding temperature resistance and crack resistant
  • Minimal thermal deformation as a result of emergency braking
  • Reliable performance even in extreme situations including heat, cold and heavy-duty use
  • Either zinc-dust coated or greased and vacuum packed to guard against rust in storage.


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