Economy Exhaust Fitting Kits

Economy Exhaust Fitting Kits

Economy Exhaust Fitting Kits are the perfect solution when using a replacement Economy Exhaust on Volkswagen passenger car, Commercial Vehicles, Skoda & SEAT vehicles 5 years and older.

The current Economy Exhaust Fitting Kit range consists of 41 part numbers and covers approximately 69% of Economy Exhaust applications.

Technical differences Genuine Versus Economy Exhausts Fitting Kits:

  • Cost savings are achieved by using hot-dip aluminised steel instead of stainless steel which matches the requirements of Economy Exhausts.

Economy Exhaust Fitting Kit Benefits:

  • No stopping mid-job for a missing part, each kit contains all necessary parts
  • Strong corrosion resistance with the use of hot-dip aluminised steel
  • Synthetic components made of ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM), matching Genuine quality.

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