Economy Shock Absorbers

Economy Shock Absorbers

The current range of Economy Shock Absorbers now covers 85% of Volkswagen passenger car, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, Skoda & SEAT  vehicles 5 years and older.

The range consists of front and rear shock absorbers with 22 Economy Part numbers, (the equivalent of 91 Genuine Part numbers) with additional part numbers planned.

Technical differences Genuine Shock Absorbers V Economy Shock Absorbers:

  • Cost savings are achieved through having fewer part numbers, using common damping rather than model specific, and by using materials matched to the requirements of older vehicles
  • Economy Shock Absorbers must ONLY be replaced in pairs.

Economy Shock Absorber Benefits:

  • A high level of part number consolidation has been achieved to cater for a wide range of vehicles with fewer part numbers
  • Economy Shock Absorbers offer the same steering and cornering safety and stability, optimum traction and safe braking performance as their Genuine Part equivalent
  • Economy and Genuine Parts components are fully compatible so that the vehicles ABS and ESP systems remain fully functional.

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