Spark Plug

Economy Spark Plugs

The Economy Spark Plug Range currently has 3 part numbers (the equivalent of 4 Genuine Part numbers) for Volkswagen passenger car, Commercial Vehicle, Skoda & SEAT  vehicles 5 years and older.

Additional application approvals and part numbers are planned.

Technical differences Genuine Spark Plugs V Economy Spark Plugs:

  • Cost savings have been achieved by adapting the technical specifications and altering the material mix
  • Part number consolidation has been achieved to cater for a wide range of vehicles with fewer parts numbers.

Economy Spark Plug Benefits:

  • Model-specific spark plug replacement intervals are ensured by Economy Spark Plugs
  • Economy Spark Plugs have met rigorous standards in extensive series of tests
  • Long-life material mix ensures low electrode wear
  • Consistent performance in all operating conditions

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